Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transition to Haiti

This post was written Tuesday evening, but didn't post for some reason...

Battle was done in the village of Majaguita this weekend, and our God is a God who overcomes. 

Sunday morning the team was put in charge of leading a worship service for the people of Majaguita.  God was moving, and bringing in members of the community who haven't been to church in years, but were blessed by encounters with members of our team as they walked through the community just days before to talk with and pray for people. One member of our team was laid on our hearts as the one who should be asked to preach; before he was even approached about it, he mentioned that God had specifically laid a message on his heart for the Sunday morning service.  Another member was called severely out of her comfort zone, as God asked her to step out and lead a specific song for worship that morning.  God laid it on the heart of another member to specifically pray for the breaking of strongholds over the community, and for a revival in Majaguita.  Others were directed to perform a powerful skit displaying the heart of the gospel message.
Everything about the day seemed to have God's hand in it - and it seemed as though after fighting the battle in the morning, we may have kicked the bees' nest a bit.  Our team was feeling a deep heaviness throughout the rest of the day - abnormal weariness, and at times even oppression.  We rested that afternoon, and were able to find remnants of life, but as nighttime came we became more aware of the spiritual warfare that was in the air.  And that night we did battle - Some of our team were called out to pray over doorways, and pray over the buildings and even the roads of the village.  Some were led to read Scripture out loud late into the night.  Others were directed to sing songs of praise and victory and FREEDOM over the community. Bold prayers and powerful truths were proclaimed in that village that night.
For many, it was their first taste of coming face to face with that level of intensity in spiritual warfare.  And the next morning, on our last day in Majaguita, there was a new taste of life.  That afternoon was spent in joy, with water balloon fights, jumping off of rocks and bridges into the river, hikes to the top of the mountain for chocolates and Cokes, and so much laughter and love. 

We left Majaguita and returned to Jarabacoa and Escuela Caribe with lifted spirits.  Today was a day to rest, reunite with some of the students we connected with earlier in the week during our stay at the school, and prepare for the next stage of our trip. 

Tonight was met with overwhelming joy during the time scheduled for youth group with the Escuela Caribe students.  We were on the schedule to lead the night with worship and a message, and the whole deal - but after inviting the students into our temporary home last week, sharing openly and vulnerably with them, and loving them and fighting with them through their own struggles that they brought to the service, they wanted to return the blessing.  The students at the school asked to be allowed to host US - and they stepped out to share their hearts and their stories with us.  It was a beautiful collision of hearts giving glory to God - even as I write this there are echoes coming down the mountain as a group of close to 50 is packed in one living room singing, even shouting their praises to God.

Glory a Dios...
Glory to God.

Tomorrow morning at 6am we begin the trek across Hispaniola to spend the next 8 days in Haiti. 
As the team is waking up to new spiritual realities, pray for increased discernment and boldness for us all.  Pray for unity within our team as we learn to do battle together.  Pray that God would continue to call us to new depths with Him, and also to new heights.

[And if our God is for us, who could be against us?]

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