Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 KBM Training Summary!

Experience Team w/leaders
Deep Camp w/KBM speakers, staff, families

16 Days Team w/leaders

Well, KBM Training this summer was a blast! Throughout the summer we sought to create environments that invited the Holy Spirit into hundreds of experiences across the country and even into the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Students and leaders learned new things about God and themselves that deeply challenged them to love God more and love others better.

It was amazing to see the five components of KBM Training (experiential learning, one-on-one coaching, classroom training, skill development and team dynamics) all play a part in taking students to a deeper place of spiritual growth. Many were challenged to places of confession and repentance. All discovered new ways of living out the Six realities of Kingdom Laborership. The young adult Experience students and the 16 Days high school students are now engaging the next season of life with a personal KBM coach that will walk along side their spiritual journey for the next several months up to one year.

Thanks for following the KBM Training journey this year! Feel free to revisit this site at any point to relive the moments of truth this summer and also to see NEW developments for 2011 training as they become available!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures of the open road!

Well, after loading Gus the bus and praying together we hit the road heading east. Devotions and time of worship on the bus. Lunch at a rest stop.

...then we blew a tire! if the rear doubles. Nothing serious, just unexpected! Of course, in perfect God timing we were at an exit with a tire shop down the road. We slowly drove the there and were back on the road within an hour!

Everyone's doing great and enjoying the adventure! Please keep praying for travel safety and open eyes to minister to people along the way! Thanks.


For the past two days the team has been challenged by Em Johnson and Al Waugh from a unique ministry headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Urban X utilizes the urban environment as a tool to help people discover "moments of truth" where God can meet them and speak to them as they encounter and walk in the shoes of the homeless and street people.

Downtown Denver was the location!

Tomorrow (Friday) morning we head back out in the road toward Bethel College as we wrap up the last couple days of 16 Days ...on the road!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Urban X...

Ate a great dinner last night at the best pizza joint in Colorado, Beau Jo's! Fantastic! Debriefed with the students about their "half-day" alone with God in the mountains. Cool stuff!

"The greatest gift you will ever give the world is your intimacy with God." -- Dwight Robertson

Now listening to Al and Em from Urban X share their life stories with the team. Heading into Denver later today for experiential training...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Hello Colorado Rockies!!! Dwight Robertson is utilizing the incredibly beautiful outdoor classroom Colorado provides to engage the team in discovering what the main thing is: to love God with EVERYTHING we have.

The pristine surroundings of God's majestic creation around us is a fantastic word picture of God's incredible love for us! Wow.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner at the Robertsons... having some fun!

Ate a great dinner at Dwight & Dawn Robertson's after picking up Gus from the mechanic! Yep he's all fixed up and ready to go for the next leg of the trip which will be a drive to the Colorado Rockies! (Thanks for praying!)

...Nathan and Nick (cousins) couldn't resist a display of one of their unique gymnastics moves, as you'll see in the pic!

YOU are God's Plan A!

Students took a tour of KBM's headquarters this morning then KBM founder & president, Dwight Robertson, is spending the day challenging them to discover the unique way God has designed each of them to love Him more and love people better.

We are God's plan A for reaching the world for Christ and there is no plan B!

Students are a bit tired but doing well! Something tells me they were glad to sleep in air conditioning in an actual bed last night versus a sleeping bag!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


30,000 people. More than 100 Christian music artists.1 day... The team registered yesterday morning as volunteers and were assigned to work the merchandise tent during the day. Incredible experience!

Went on prayer walks around the groups and kept our eyes open for God working see how He wanted us to come alongside Him. Pretty cool!