Monday, June 27, 2011

Deep Camp

After 2 and a half weeks overseas, our team was happy to hit the ground back in Denver, and be re-united with the rest of the KBM staff.  We returned around the same time that 16 days, another one of KBM's training opportunities for high school students, was finishing up, so we were blessed to get to know some of those students as well.  We also got to share with them the celebration in their graduation ceremony, and be a part of launching them as they prepared to return home.  
Praise God for more laborers being sent out! 

In a very quick turnaround, the team prepared for the next adventure and headed up into the mountains to run a 5-day camp for high school students, called Deep Camp.  This is KBM's third year running this camp which is specifically designed to push students outside of their comfort zones and into places of deeper intimacy with God.  This year, the camp is being held in the Rocky Mountains, so we are blessed to be in a location that naturally ushers everyone into a place of worship, as each time you step outside you are greeted by stunning views and panoramas of the mountains that are surrounding us.  The Experience students are taking the reins this week, emceeing the morning and evening sessions, leading small group discussions, and orchestrating team activities.  There are times set aside throughout the week for them to be in classrooms with speakers, as well as to engage in a team building exercise separate from the rest of the camp, so they are continually being poured into as they are also pouring out.  

Last night the camp kicked off with Adrian Despres hitting hard a message on sin and repentance.   He challenged everyone to take a good look at their sin, and understand the weight of even the small stuff, which Christ fully took on as He hung from the cross.  There was an invitation to deal with sin and leave it at the cross that very night - to confess and repent and be prepared to enter into the rest of the week with a clean slate.  The response was incredible - many found themselves on their knees, or on their face, confessing sin before God and before each other and claiming freedom.

From there, the speakers will be calling the students to greater levels of intimacy with God, and challenging them to go out and participate in the Great Commission.  Please pray with us for the movement of the Holy Spirit - in the lives of campers, students, speakers and staff alike.  Pray that hearts would be open, and that deep work would be done that wouldn't easily be shaken upon returning home.  Pray for this week to be not just a camp high, but a launching point.

To Him be all glory, praise and honor!

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