Sunday, June 13, 2010


Thursday afternoon the team piled out of the bus alongside a mountain road. "Here we are!" Matt (our Escuela Caribe guide) said. We unloaded our luggage and began hiking down a broken stone and concrete trail. Ten minutes later we arrived in a small, beautiful, valley community called Majaguita...

For two days we engaged with them, looking for ways to share God's love with them however we could. The community leader, Julito, is a man who loves Jesus and was very excited to welcome us into his life--this somehow preserved little corner of the world.

We played basketball, baseball and volleyball with the kids and young adults of the community (all you need is a ball!). We tried to speak to them as much as we could, digging as deep into our Spanish archives as we could. We swam in the river with them, shot the rapids (without an inner tube), led VBS activities and prayed for them.

Friday night we were invited by Julito to share the Gospel message with the community. Matt did a great job translating. We incorporated a simple drama visual of John 3:16. The people listened and watched intently. Afterwards we hung out around a fire and talked...

Saturday morning we asked Esperanza (the wonderful person who cooked our food for us) if they had often had groups like us come. She said they had never had a group that engaged the community so quickly and effectively. Then she said something super encouraging. She said she knew the message she shared with our mouths was real b/c she saw us living it with our lives. Wow. Praise God!

There are so many more stories to tell, but that's it for now... The team reached a new level of intimacy through our experience in Majaguita. It's neat to see God working and using willing vessels to impact the world around us!

This morning (Sunday) we are leading a worship service back at Escuela Caribe. The team is stepping up in new ways. Please pray that God speaks through us into the hearts and lives of the staff and students of this community. Thank you!

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