Sunday, June 27, 2010


The team arrived back in the U.S. Thursday evening after flights through Santo Domingo and San Juan. It's so hard to describe the experience God led us through in Haiti... We were overwhelmed on many fronts throughout the trip. Watching the Haitian people smile in the midst of the extreme difficulty of their condition gave testimony to their resilience. Smelling the stench, witnessing the poverty, driving by hundreds of collapsed buildings, forced our team to wrestle with our ability to make any difference. The fact is we can't, but God can through our obedience to smile back, offer a hug, play a game, ask their name. God can change lives, transform hearts and redeem a culture. Do we believe? How can we come along side His plan for Haiti and 9 million people who are suffering? We're still asking and have more questions than answers. Thanks for all your prayers. The team is physically healthy but emotionally still processing many experiences gained from the DR and Haiti.

Now we are hosting several high school students at KBM's second annual Deep Camp at Bethel College in northern Indiana. Tonight we welcome the group and Dwight Robertson challenged them with the message of Kingdom Laborership. The Experience Team is doing a great job leading and engaging the students. Please pray that God's presence if felt and His Holy Spirit convicts hearts. This week's five-day journey for these students could be the time God wants to transform their lives for His Kingdom purposes! We'll keep you posted! (The pic is from the first night at Deep Camp.)

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