Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 KBM Training Summary!

Experience Team w/leaders
Deep Camp w/KBM speakers, staff, families

16 Days Team w/leaders

Well, KBM Training this summer was a blast! Throughout the summer we sought to create environments that invited the Holy Spirit into hundreds of experiences across the country and even into the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Students and leaders learned new things about God and themselves that deeply challenged them to love God more and love others better.

It was amazing to see the five components of KBM Training (experiential learning, one-on-one coaching, classroom training, skill development and team dynamics) all play a part in taking students to a deeper place of spiritual growth. Many were challenged to places of confession and repentance. All discovered new ways of living out the Six realities of Kingdom Laborership. The young adult Experience students and the 16 Days high school students are now engaging the next season of life with a personal KBM coach that will walk along side their spiritual journey for the next several months up to one year.

Thanks for following the KBM Training journey this year! Feel free to revisit this site at any point to relive the moments of truth this summer and also to see NEW developments for 2011 training as they become available!

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